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Welcome to, a website dedicated to raising awareness about the recent changes to Portugal’s golden visa program and their negative impact on investors.
For years, Portugal has been a popular destination for investors seeking a golden visa, thanks to its rich cultural heritage, safety, and reputation as a thriving democracy.
Investors have placed their trust in the Portuguese government to uphold the terms of the program and protect their investments. However, the recent changes to the golden visa program threaten to break this trust and undermine the hard work that has gone into rebuilding investor confidence following the 2008 financial crisis.

It’s time for investors to come together and demand fairness and justice for all those who have invested their time and money in Portugal’s golden visa program. Sign our petition today!

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At, we are committed to seeking justice through all legal avenues available. This includes communicating with relevant authorities and pursuing legal action as necessary. We trust in the fair and just judiciary system in Portugal and will work tirelessly to challenge any changes to the golden visa program that threaten the rights of investors. Join us for justice and help us ensure that investors are treated fairly and justly in Portugal.


Let's get there, together.

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    • A message from an investor on behalf of all investors
      As an investor who has put my trust and money into Portugal's golden visa program, I am deeply frustrated and disappointed by the recent changes to the program. I chose Portugal because of its rich cultural heritage, its reputation as a safe and welcoming country, and its thriving democracy. I have come to visit Portugal many times and have fallen in love with its people, its food, and its natural beauty. However, the recent changes to the golden visa program threaten to undermine the trust and confidence that investors like me have placed in the Portuguese government. These changes will have a significant impact on those who have already invested in Portugal. They also send a worrying message to potential investors, who may be deterred from investing in Portugal in the future. What's more, the changes to the golden visa program seem to go against the very values that Portugal stands for - fairness, openness, and democracy. Investors like me believed that we were making a positive contribution to Portugal's economy and society, and that our investments would be protected by a fair and just legal system. Now, we feel let down and frustrated that the terms of the program have been changed without any regard for the impact on investors. I am not alone in my frustration and disappointment - thousands of investors have already expressed their concerns and opposition to these changes. We are calling on the Portuguese government to listen to our concerns and to work with us to find a solution that is fair and just for all investors. We believe that Portugal has the potential to be a world leader in promoting investor rights and protecting investments, and we urge the government to seize this opportunity and do the right thing. As an investor who loves Portugal and believes in its future, I am determined to seek fairness and justice. I urge all investors to join me to achieve this goal.
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    • 10 months, 2 weeks ago